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On May 4th we have started Phase two of this Covid-19 emergency.

💪🏻We have opened the practice in complete safety.

🚨In ​​phase one we only managed emergencies that could not be delayed.

🙏🏼 First of all I want you, we want to thank you for the patience you have had in waiting for the resumption of your treatment.

⏱ As usual, we are working on appointment only, after telephone triage, diluting the distances between appointments in order to allow even more accurate sanitation of the operating rooms.

🌡On entering the office, Ilaria or Silvia will measure body temperature for everyone, including staff, and in the event of an alteration greater than 37 degrees centigrade, they will invite them to go home.
This is for the mutual safety, yours, of the operators and collaborators of the firm.

🤲🏼 We will ask you to sanitize your hands with a hydroalcoholic disinfectant and to wear new hypoallergenic disposable gloves, which we will put at your disposal. We have all sizes.

😷During your short stay outside the operating rooms we will ask you to wear a surgical mask. If you don’t have it, we will provide it to you.

🧺 We will also ask you to deposit your personal belongings in special plastic trays that will be sanitized between one patient and another.

✍🏼 We will then ask you to fill in an anamnestic questionnaire, with simple questions that will allow us to understand the risk of contagion from Covid 19.

🪑 In the waiting room we replaced the armchairs with plastic chairs, perhaps a little more uncomfortable, but certainly easier to clean, and we spaced them at least one meter from each other.
The aim is to intercept the patient affected or potential carrier of SARS Covid-19 at the reception in order to reduce or completely exclude short-term infections in the common areas of the study.

🦠As it is known, the Virus finds in objects an environment where it can settle and remain for a time that to date research has not yet been able to concretely define, for this reason it is important that the contact surfaces are protected with mechanical barriers and appropriately disinfected.

What will change from an operational point of view?
🏥In the operating rooms, little will change for you, because we were already used to preventing much more serious viral cross-infections such as hepatitis and HIV.
🥼What will change will be our protections, we will wear disposable clothing, visors and masks with high filtering power.

I take this opportunity to thank Reinhold Sedation Conscious, of friend Claudio Testa, who provided us with these personal protective equipment.
💨 Speaking of sedation with nitrous oxide, mine, our workhorse, Reinhold has also sent us inlet and extraction circuits for the additional sterilizable gases, as well as a large number of disposable scented inhalation masks.
Finally, we will try to combine several interventions in a single session, extending the duration of the same, but thus limiting, as far as possible, the number of your appointments per treatment plan.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦I only ask you for a courtesy: that you want to limit the accompaniment by family members or third parties only to cases of actual need.

💵I forgot, for payments we will prefer electronic payments with cards, ATMs and bank transfers, especially as cash payments cannot be tax deducted.
🏧Our POS are sanitized after each transaction and are designed to accept contactless, apple pay or google pay payments.

We have taken all these precautions, I repeat, as a mutual guarantee of safety.

🤔If you still have any doubts, please contact us through the usual social channels or by phone at 06 99700333.

💪🏻Well, we are ready to give back smiles, and you?

La tua tranquillità,
la mia sfida.

Credo che chiunque, anche i più timorosi, debbano avere la possibilità di accedere alle cure odontoiatriche. Voglio prendermi cura di te e farti vivere nel mio studio un’esperienza godibile. Per questo ogni appuntamento con i miei pazienti è unico, fatto di trattamenti onesti ed etici, ascolto e attenzioni concrete.