Smile is
in the air®


I promise you that the thought of going to the dentist won’t be heavy and burdensome, but light… as a feather.

My daily challenge, along with offering innovative care and treatments, is to create a relaxing and soothing experience for you. How do I do it? With an open ear, ethics and attentiveness towards you.
I put all of my utmost to give you the peace of a safe and pleasant dental examination. And I promise you that I won’t let you go until we have won this fear together, because your tranquillity is my challenge.


My dental practice is different, technologies are innovative and my method is like a feather: light. In my practice we are all ready to help you and our wish is to make you comfortable and ready to undergo surgery with serenity and confidence.

Your tranquillity, my challenge. WHY CHOOSE US?


Misaligned teeth can make you uncomfortable, and usually the idea of wearing the traditional metal braces does not help. However, there is another way to restore safety and harmony in your smile: the use of clear aligners.


Inhalation conscious sedation is a medical procedure, reserved to dentists and anaesthesiologists, which involves the use of a mixture of high-concentration oxygen to help adults and children relax and feel comfortable during the dental examination.

Your tranquillity,
my challenge.

I believe that anyone, even the most fearful, should have access to dental care. I want to take care of you and make you live an enjoyable experience in my practice. This is why every appointment is unique, made of honest and ethical treatments, listening and concrete attention.


My staff and I listen to you, we give you the attention you need and we follow you step by step to guide you, through a calm and pleasant experience, to the desired end result.
I promise you that until we reach our goal, I will not rest and let you go until we find confidence in your smile.

In 3 stages


The first step is surely the collection of the anamnesis, not only clinical, but also to know you better. Then we carry out the first specialist visit with the help of all our technology: for example, with traditional 2D and even 3D radiographic examinations, all performed in-house, or through the scanning of the arches that, thanks to infrared technology, allows us to immediately identify interdental cavities and previsualize a possible alignment of your teeth. We will discuss the treatment plan to formulate the most correct diagnosis. And although the diagnosis is unique, treatment plans can be different, and yours will be personalised. With only one leitmotif: ethics.


Once informed and written consent has been obtained, the entire treatment plan is carried out personally by me, Dr Marano. The only exception is dental hygiene, performed by Dr Flavia Carganico, graduated in Dental Hygiene, fixed (brackets, to be clear) and interceptive (for younger children) orthodontics which are entrusted to Dr Alessandra Martino, restorative dentistry (the treatment of cavities), which is performed by Dr Tony Alagna and, of course, intravenous conscious sedation for which I avail myself of the collaboration of specialists in anaesthesiology.


At the end of the treatment we never leave you alone: depending on the treatment you will be included in a maintenance program every 3, 4, 6 months or once a year at most. The reminder will come to you, according to your preferences, by phone, mail, email, SMS, WhatsApp or Telegram.

I personally reply to all messages I receive. For this reason I ask for a little patience, but I assure you that you will receive my personal reply within 12 hours at the latest.

If you wish to be called back by your dentist, do not forget to leave your telephone number.

Alternatively, you can call the studio directly at 0699700333 or contact me via social channels.