Clear aligners: put yourself in the hands of Marano Dental Experience

Teeth that are not properly aligned can make you feel self-conscious, and usually the idea of having to wear the traditional classic metal braces does not help.

But there is another way to restore safety and harmony in your smile: the use of clear aligners.

Clear orthodontics: what is it?

Clear orthodontics is a speciality that uses almost imperceptible devices to align teeth. These orthodontic appliances, also known as transparent aligners or invisible braces, represent an alternative to the procedure of traditional orthodontics, making it possible to avoid the use of visible, metallic appliances.

Thanks to advancements in technology, clear aligners allow not only to align your teeth without altering your daily habits, but also to treat more cases with high precision.

Advantages of invisible aligners

The orthodontic device has several clear advantages. First of all, the efficacy of the treatment is guaranteed: during the therapy, your teeth will follow with high precision the movements established by our team, until the final look desired for your smile is achieved.

The appliance is transparent, and this means that nobody will notice that you are wearing an appliance, unless they are at a very close distance, thus eliminating any potential awkwardness about wearing braces.

Finally, the appliance is removable. This gives you the freedom to take off the aligners for a special occasion or to eat what you like. When the aligners are removed, the cleaning process will be simple and quick.

How does the clear orthodontics treatment work?

The treatment starts by scanning your arches, like a sort of 3D movie, and thanks to artificial intelligence you can immediately see your new smile. After that, I will have to spend some time to find the most suitable final position for your teeth and then, only when perfection is achieved, will we move on to the realisation of a series of aligners created specifically for your teeth, that will move the teeth gradually bringing them to the correct position. Each aligner should be worn for at least a week, before being replaced by the next one, until you reach the position established with the dentist. Of course, your cooperation is crucial!

When worn, they are clear and represent an ideal option for adults and teenagers looking for a more discreet way to straighten up their teeth. Clear aligners are less noticeable than metal ones, but they still require some care and maintenance to keep them clean.

If you are considering clear aligners, contact my practice today to learn more. With proper care, clear braces will help you get a beautiful and healthy smile.

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