Conscious sedation in Rome

What is conscious sedation?

Inhalation conscious sedation is a medical procedure, reserved to dentists and anaesthesiologists, which involves the use of a mixture of high-concentration oxygen to help adults and children relax and feel comfortable during the dental examination.

What are the advantages of conscious sedation?

The advantages of conscious sedation are many, including:

What’s the difference between intravenous and inhalation conscious sedation?

Intravenous sedation, through the administration of drugs, helps you feel relaxed and have control over the pain, without falling asleep completely, as is the case with general anaesthesia. In this case, before proceeding to the dental surgery, I will ask you to undergo a visit with the anaesthesiologist, in order to ascertain the general state of health and check your medical history in detail. During the entire session there will be an experienced anaesthesiologist who will evaluate the vital signs. Fasting is required before surgery and at the end of the session you will not be able to drive and you will need to be driven home.

On the contrary, with inhalation conscious sedation, you just need to breathe through a mask a mixture of nitrous oxide and high-concentration oxygen to achieve almost the same effects of intravenous sedation, but with lower risks.

After just ten minutes from the end of the session, the effects of sedation will have disappeared and you can return to your normal activities without any problem.

Do you feel pain with conscious sedation?

My practice suits every need, in fact my staff and I are constantly updated on every kind of innovation and methodology to help you live your experience to the fullest.

During sedation you will experience a pleasant feeling of lightness and complete well-being, while remaining perfectly conscious. Fears and tensions turn into a feeling of security, time passes very quickly and you have pleasant thoughts in your mind.

Inhalation conscious sedation raises the threshold of pain and eliminates the annoying reflex of vomiting, which many people have even by brushing the last molars.

Therefore, if you’re afraid of an implant or invasive treatment, don’t worry.
Conscious sedation will help you go through any treatment with the lightness of a feather!

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