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The dental office, recently renovated and duly authorized by the Lazio Region for the provision of dental services, including advanced surgery, makes use of the most modern technologies in order to make the whole diagnostic-therapeutic path as easy as possible, for the patient and the operator.

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rome dental office rome dentistry

Empathy, Friendliness, Communication

Reaching us will be very easy: the studio is located in a strategic point, right on the Policlinico metro stop of line B, and is also easily connected by bus and streetcar; if you come with your own car, however, you will have free parking.

Once inside the studio, we will do everything we can to make you comfortable: you can enjoy a delicious Nespresso® coffee, herbal tea in winter, or delicious iced coffee creamer in warmer weather; or you can connect to the free wi-fi network.

All accompanied by pleasant background music (mention your musical preference to the secretary: thanks to Spotify® and Alexa® our music library is practically endless) and a nice scent of vanilla, amber, cinnamon or patchouli, depending on the season.

And if you’ve just had a snack, don’t worry, ask for a disposable toothbrush.

The diagnostic process then begins with the collection of the medical history and the specialist examination.

Often x-rays will have to be taken in order to make the most correct diagnosis, but rest assured, you will not be tossed around in any way. Within the practice we have the most modern X-ray machines that allow us to perform digitally, which means with minimal emission – and absorption – of X-rays, all dental X-rays: endoral, orthopanoramic, cephalometry, up to the
3D dental scan

Once a diagnosis has been made and a plan of
dental treatment
we move on to the work.

Innovation ,

For us, every work is a challenge: we always try to improve ourselves by continually doing our best for each work.

Innovation is an important part of our work: we always stay up-to-date so that we can offer you the best solution, tailored to you and with cutting-edge technology.

We use single-use devices whenever possible in order to avoid cross-contamination; when this is not possible, our attention is maximized in order to reduce the risk to near-zero levels.

During the performance of treatment, if necessary, we make use of
nitrous oxide sedation
and I always resort to theuse of magnifying eye systems.

We also have a dental laser and a piezoelectric scalpel, which allows us to work in contact with the bone structures without risk for the adjacent soft tissues (I know, it’s a bit complicated to understand, but if you want to know more you just have to ask me).

Finally, thanks to our management software, you will receive timely reminders of your appointments via email, sms, WhatsApp or Telegram.


The delicacy of a feather and your tranquillity characterise every appointment.

Dr. Giuseppe MARANO

Dentist – Oral Surgeon

Graduated with honours in Dentistry and Dental Prosthesis, Specialist in Odontostomatological Surgery, 2nd level Master in Forensic Dentistry, advanced course in Dental Implantology I am also a lecturer in several Master’s Degrees throughout Italy. Is that enough?

Dr. Alessandra MARTINO

Dentist – Orthodontist

Doctor Martino, Dentist and specialist in Orthodontics, deals with interceptive orthodontics in children in the growth phase and fixed orthodontics, both in teenagers and adults.


Dental hygienist

Dr. Carganico, a dental hygiene graduate, is concerned not only with this but also, and even more so, with motivating patients’ home hygiene. Think: some people have called her in Google reviews “the best hygienist in the world.” The problem is that she believes it now!


Dental Assistant

Claudia has been collaborating with me for more than 15 years: without her, I could not imagine the clean operating studios, bright and sterile instruments: perfect care. To be honest, without her, the practice would stop!


Dental Assistant

Giulia is the mascot of our practice. She is one of the newest arrivals, but she is so eager to do and learn … that you would have to tie her up to keep her at bay. But after all, at her age…


Dental Assistant

From patient to caregiver was a snap! Fresh from graduating as a chairside assistant, but with a great desire to do and help: doctors, colleagues and patients!


Front-office manager – a.m.

Just arrived and immediately integrated with the team! Doctor of Psychology, arranges appointments, callbacks–and payments with you. Someone has to!


Front-Office Manager p.m.

Rebecca is the newest addition, and she has great enthusiasm! After four years in London, she decided to return to Italy and devote herself to what she loves most: public relations.

From 1 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. she will be there to greet you on the phone or in the studio.

Rome dental office: our services


Our practice is distinguished by its innovative approach and use of cutting-edge technology. Our method is comparable to the lightness of a feather. In our practice, we wish to put you at ease, eager to ensure that you can approach the surgery with peace of mind and confidence.

Your tranquillity, my challenge. WHY CHOOSE US


Teeth that are not properly aligned can make you uncomfortable, and usually the idea of having to wear the usual and classic metal braces does not help. But there is another way to restore safety and harmony to your smile: the use of clear aligners.


Inhalational conscious sedation constitutes a medical procedure, reserved for qualified dentists and anesthesiologists. This technique employs a high concentration oxygen mixture with the goal of facilitating a sense of relaxation and comfort for adults and young patients during their dental appointment.

Your tranquillity,
my challenge.

I believe that anyone, even the most fearful, should have access to dental care. I want to take care of you and make you live an enjoyable experience in my practice. This is why every appointment is unique, made of honest and ethical treatments, listening and concrete attention.

I personally reply to all messages I receive. For this reason, I ask you to be patient, and I assure you that you will receive my personal reply within 12 hours at the latest.

If you wish to be called back by your dentist, do not forget to leave your telephone number.

If you prefer, you can call the practice directly at 0699700333 or contact us via social channels.