What is an intraoral scanner?

The intraoral scanner is a tool equipped with a three-dimensional measuring system that uses a laser beam to scan the surface of the teeth and create a 3D model of the oral cavity through the emission of a beam of light on the surface.

It can be used to plan dental treatments, such as surgeries, implant protocols and more.

What are the advantages?

The intraoral scanner:

At Marano Dental Experience we use the latest technologies to optimize patient comfort and the accuracy of our dentists. For this reason we chose to use the intraoral scanner.

Intraoral scanner: how does it work?

The procedure to use this technology is really simple and fast.

The dentist will simply inspect your oral cavity with the tip of this tool, simply by passing it close to your teeth.

Once the arches have been scanned with the bite open and closed, the digital scanning can be considered completed.

At this point the clinician has a 3D image of your oral cavity and is able to analyse it in detail.

During the scan we can project the result on a screen to make you participate 100% in what we are doing.

3D scanning is able to offer the clinician and his collaborators the data they need to design a completely personalised and effective treatment plan.

A very common application of 3D scans is the creation of dental prosthesis: the dental technician, having access to a faithful reproduction of the patient’s oral cavity, will be able to create the prosthesis with absolute precision.

The particular type of scanner that I use in my practice, the Itero Element 5D, allows me to detect the presence of caries between one tooth and the other, with an accuracy even greater than the one of radiographs!

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