Paediatric dentist in Rome

What is paediatric dentistry?

Paediatric dentistry is the branch of dentistry that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of children’s dental problems. A paediatric dentist has been specially trained to deal with the specific needs of children’s teeth, gums and mouth, but above all he knows how to behave to make a child live a beautiful and peaceful experience

With children I also employ conscious sedation with nitrous oxide and, if necessary, I use computerised anaesthesia, with practically painless injections.

Dental paediatrician in Rome: why booking a visit?

A paediatric dentist can provide complete dental care for young patients and can offer you a wide range of services: from routine check-ups and cleaning to more complex procedures.

What can I expect during my child’s visit to the paediatric dentist in Rome?

During the first visit, the paediatric dentist will assess the child’s health condition and dental needs; the dentist will also talk to parents about the habits of oral hygiene, the diet of the child and will answer all the questions.

During visits, the paediatric dentist then cleans the child’s teeth and checks for caries. When necessary, like when we notice the presence of cavities, your dedicated professional will perform the necessary treatment to restore a healthy smile for our little patients.

Depending on the situation, the dentist will develop a treatment plan for the child.

My goal is to make younger patients feel at ease thanks to my feather method, based on trust and empathy. Only when the children are more serene, we can perform the visit. 

The approach I use in my studio is called #FeatherMethod, and its application always begins with a preliminary interview: first and foremost, I want our little patients to feel safe and comfortable. My intention is not to make them feel forced to be submitted to the check: I want them to trust me and feel calm, and then, one step at a time, carry out the visit.

What are the most common paediatric dental problems?

Some common paediatric dental problems include tooth decaygum disease, and malocclusion (crooked teeth).

Paediatric dentistry offers affordable and really effective solutions to any issue that can hinder the smile of our young patients, also with paediatric orthodontics and much more. 

If you think that your children may need a visit to the paediatric dentist, call our practice to make an appointment and we will arrange all the details to make them feel comfortable and to make them live a fun and serene experience.

What is the right age to perform a first visit to the dentist?

It is simple: as soon as all the teeth are out! Especially if the child does not have any problem yet. Only then will he learn to trust the dentist, only then he will not associate his figure to the memory of pain or discomfort.

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