Teeth whitening in Rome

dazzling and bright smile is impossible not to notice, but how to get it?

Teeth whitening is a dental aesthetic treatment that aims to improve the colouring of teeth, eliminating stains and discolorations.

This procedure is absolutely safe for the smile because it does not alter or ruin the tooth enamel.

What are the methods to whiten teeth

The term “teeth whitening” refers to a series of aesthetic techniques aimed to restore a colour on the teeth that is more similar to the original hue. 

As a matter of fact, the colour of the tooth is not determined by its enamel — which tends to be transparent or translucent — but by dentine, an extremely robust bone tissue that can take on various tints.

Taking into consideration that the genetic predisposition is an unalterable factor in the tooth colour, tooth whitening or “bleaching” can be a viable option when a tooth loses its natural brilliance, takes on a dull appearance or turn yellow due to various circumstances.

Teeth whitening in Rome: what are the methods?

If you want to whiten your teeth you need to know that several methods are available, so it is important to do an assessment and choose the one that best suits the result you want.

  • The most commonly used method for whitening involves the use of a whitening agent to lighten the colour of teeth. This substance is applied to the affected dental elements by means of masks tailored to your mouth and left to act overnight until you get the desired result.
  • Another widespread, but much more modern, method is dental whitening that uses a laser tool to remove stains and discoloration. With this technique, a substance is applied to the teeth and then “activated” by the specific laser.
  • Other methods include the use of specific kits for home use and are also available online. Clearly, the advice I would give you is to pay attention with these tools and choose whether to use them only after consulting your dentist. 


Entrusting the aesthetics of your smile to a dedicated professional is definitely the fastest and safest way to find the natural white of your teeth!

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